Let's switch to

Today I came to know about a very comprehensive privacy focussed DNS service offered by none other than Cloudflare in association with APNIC.
The service is called and it is known to be among the fastest DNS resolvers for consumers out there.

More Info at:


Configure Your Primary & Secondary DNS in your PC/Router as follows:

Optional Tertiary: (From Quad Nine https://quad9.com/ another privacy focussed DNS provider)

DNSperf: https://www.dnsperf.com/#!dns-resolvers,Asia



I also switched to Cloudflare DNS. :heart_eyes:

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I have made the changes in my laptop. I have to do this in the router also?

If You change it in your router, basically everyone connected to your local network can benefit from this otherwise, only the laptop data is routed through

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Okay so by changing in the router the benefit will be on mobile also.

So, this is correct for router?

Yes this looks right and You may want to add in the DNS3 field as a fallback.

So, everyone connected to your wifi / LAN will be able to take benefit of as long as they are not setting up any other DNS in their device i.e. obtain dns automatically.

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Any way to check the difference in speed after configuring this? :thinking:

If you’re not satisfied with the basic Ping and traceroute telemetry, You may want to visit DNSperf to compare various load time matrices.

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Is this better than Google’s dns?

It definitely is when you come to see the benefit of no logging and superfast resolution times. according to multiple sources including DNSperf, cloudflare is leading the resolution times across asia.

Google DNS uses the Singapore server. While Cloudflare uses Indian server. Helpful for the proper routing of CDN. is faster than

Still, I prefer default ISP DNS because it’s 5x faster as per DNS Benchmark.