Letsencrypt certificate limited crossed

I am new to cloud hosting services… I tried creating instances and deleting them in the process of learning the cloud hosting platforms…
After doing this for more than 5 Times I am not able to create letsencrypt certificate on my domain…

The Error says that I have created too many certificates (5) already issued for this exact set of domains in the last 168 hours… What to do in this case…?
Do I need to delete all the certificates created or I need to wait for the certificate expiry…?
If I want to have https on my domain… any alternative…?
Need ur valuable suggestions…

If you are seeing a warning notice saying that you have to wait for 168hours, we have no options unless to wait. Try creating a certificate after the wait time.

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any other alternative…?

Best Alternative of Let’s Encrypt is here -

Sign up Cloudflare > Add your Domain > Update CF NS > Go to SSL > Origin Cert > Generate one > Use same at NGINX / Apache config > Test your config > Enable CF Proxy (Required) > Now, CF SSL mode can be Full Strict.

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