Life as Full time freelancer?

I know this has no particular answer as such

But to a guy in his early 20’s will you people recommend going for full time freelancing as a career option ?

( Please don’t confuse freelancing with Blogging here but relate it more to doing jobs like Article writing, Wordpress jobs , SEO work mainly at sites like Fiverr )


I am a full-time freelancer and I am really happy with my work! :grin:


I feel shame in accepting that I am stuck with learning coding actually. I am pretty much comfortable working with many CMS but when it comes to writing normal codes like CSS, JS etc. I feel stuck.

Never had been to a real teacher though but just tried online learning individually . Can you suggest me what should i do ? I am not dumb but it just like more of procrastination issues :confused:

Actually, it’s the same with me. I don’t like coding and that is why I avoid it as much as I can but even then slowly I have learned CSS (which is a big thing for me) and now I am learning JS and PHP only for WordPress.

But even without coding, you can do a lot of things if you really want to avoid it.

I have also learned everything from online resources and with trial and error… :crazy_face:


Thanks mate. Well you got my point well.
I will keep your suggestions in mind.

Sometimes when i depressed or stuck with career choices, I came here to rant . Thanks for replying to the thread again :slight_smile:


I can’t say I am living a good life with freelancing but yes, It supports my monthly expenses…

I quit my job to live a boss free life and to give time on blogging, freelancing and other related things.

I got a client for whom, I am working permanently for him.

Even I am not comfortable in playing with codes… But yes learning myself from online resources.

Overall, I happy with my current life… Where I don’t have to go to the office and work in 9-5 schedule.

I am earning more than the salary I was getting from my job…


I have also resigned from my job this year after doing work for 5 years. It was toughest time for me. Without interest and lots of tasks to do. Actually it was not my passion. Everyone have some interest in which even after working 16 hours continuesly will not feel tired. Blogging is same thing for me.

I just feel happy. Everyday get something new to learn and new to tell others. It is just something which I am passionate about.

People live their whole life but cannot find their interesting work. Even many are not able to identify their interest. When you earn by your favourite work then it is not like a work but gives satisfaction and enjoyment.


Thanks @Dixravi and @Wasim_Akram for replies brothers.

I am also gonna start full time freelancing soon since i am in last year of college now and it ends in May.

Your stories and suggestions matters a lot to them :slight_smile: Thanks once again for taking your time to write them up.

I am also able to manage good money with freelancing. In semester breaks, last time in 40-50 days I ended up crossing INR 40,000 last time and it is a lot for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope my skills set improve and earnings too :slight_smile:


What are some projects you guys take. Just interested to learn more
@Wasim_Akram @Dixravi


I don’t recommend freelancing unless you are confident that it will work out and you have a backup plan. It works for some people but not for everyone.

In long run if you want to succeed, turn yourself into a brand that people can trust. For example, I would trust Brian Jackson over any self proclaimed developer on this forum.


I offer services related to Discourse and WordPress…

Like… Discourse Installation and Migration, WordPress Installation, Troubleshooting, and migration.

Weebly to WordPress migration…

And I am learning to programme because I lost 4000+ USD just because I don’t know how to write a custom script for Discourse Migration.

Yes, you are definitely right @BihariLala!

Even I am not getting a fixed amount every month, Some months, I have to sacrifice with my expense and other things.

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I have started my career as a junior maintenance engineer and slowly took a diversion as a Freelancer. But I can’t able to survive in working with sites like Freelancer, and had turned again into blogging.
Really, Blogging gave me a great experiences in my life and now I am living my own life. But, surviving just as a freelancer isn’t a good idea and you have to create an alternative sources of standard and secured income.
As Warren Buffet Quoted , “One should create at least 6 different sources of Income”, I am a strict follower and have created so far 4 sources. Not life is going smoother.

One Kind Advice is, “Live the life by spending 80% of your earned money and save 20% for your future”.
Never think about spending more than 80%, even 81% is not advisable. One who succeeded in managing his finance is the real winner of his life.