Linode or Digital ocean for websites focused exclusively on Indian users

Hey… blogger’s and writers. Hope you all are doing well.

Need your suggestions about choosing a best Indian vps server to host 2 sites (as of now.)

Here’s what I have found according to my research…

Lonode offers ddos protection where DO doesn’t.

I read that DO shares - 1GB network connection between all VPS on a server. Where Lonode shares 4 GB network connection.

Pros of DO - offers 1 free static ip … Not sure if linode offers it for free.

Linode server response time is far better than DigitalO from india.

Yes, i can use a cloud flare free account but then my Indian users will be served from Singapore.

All I care about - is the loading speed from India.

My websites currently hosted in Amsterdam… Without ads loads within 1.6-2.4 (desktop), 2.8-3.5 (mobile) seconds in India.

After some months I’ll put ads. It will be my primary earning source.

If my sites hosted from India… With current config it can load within 1 second. But I want it to load within 2-2.5 seconds (in mobile…i don’t want to use amp) with 3-4 ads per page.

What’s your recommendation…

** Digital ocean and Lonode’s price is quite same…so it’s not the biggest concern for me.

Thanks in advance.

Linode DigitalOcean
Speed test as per Fast CLI 1.10 Gbps 920.90 Mbps
CPU Model Intel® Xeon® Gold 6148 CPU @ 2.40GHz Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2650L v3 @ 1.80GHz
Static IP v4, v6 Yes Yes
Private IP Yes Yes
Reserved IP No Yes as long attached to any instance
Backup / Restore Quick Slow experience
Support Satisfactory experience Slow experience
Docs Okay Okay
Bad experience Netowking issues sometimes Don’t know why but I have faced MySQL down so many times, could be due to CPU limitation
UX Okayish Best
Web CLI Yes Yes


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Go with Linode @CaffeinatedWriter Because here we have seen many incidents before on HGK about DigitalOcean Account suspension without any reason.


Wow… I didn’t knew about this. Based on features i have thought to use linode. Thanks for the info.:blush::blush::v:.

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I will not recommend linode. Because there are some issues in mumbai server. If you have indian audience then better to use digital Ocean.


Landed here with the same query. Using Cloudways, which server is better for Indian audience? DO or Linode? I would be using Woocommerce. Please share your inputs.

Thanks a lot!

@KoolPal Select DigitalOcean because we have experienced some issues with Linode (Mumbai) for some users.

Thanks a lot GulshanKumar! Appreciate your prompt reply.

You’re welcome!