Linode sites are not opening

Is anyone experiencing that linode hosted sites are not opening. I have rebooted the linode server still sites are not opening.

try once in incognito tab or use a VPN. if still this issue present then let us know.

Trying everyhthing confirmed it is not opening

@Salma First off, I would like to know what is message in the browser when you access your site?

Is it …


  • Yes
  • Something else

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In which region server are you facing problem?

  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Mumbai, India
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Newark, United States
  • Atlanta, United States
  • Dallas, United States
  • Fremont, United States

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If you type in CMD ping -t

or mtr -rwzbc100 <linode IP> in Terminal

do you see any connectivity loss?

  • Yes
  • No

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Have you tried contacting Linode support?

  • Yes
  • No

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It was the same problem but when I checked it with different network it was opening fine.

This problem was with jio network only.

Jio X Linode. Same happened and it’s now still remain as same with telegram channel links is not opening on Jio Network while it is still working in other networks.

This network is doing something crazy that many websites stop responding and gives network error.
But you will agree with this most of the indian visitors are using jio.

Starting from today, two Cloud provider - I would prefer avoiding for launching any new instance

  1. Linode - Not only in Indian region, but I have spotted similar issue with an US server. Constantly noticing ping drop issue. I have contacted support time more than two times in last few weeks and I am still seeing issues time to time.

  2. UpCloud (If you’re a new user, it may take up to week or more to get account verified. This can lead to frustrating experience if you’ve referred someone based on your trust. Not everyone have that patience to wait a long.).

Note: I do not use Jio.

For indian region, now I have limited three choices.

  1. AWS EC2
  2. GCP
  3. DigitalOcean

Anything you would like to add, let me know.

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For bloggers on regular basis only digital ocean can be the choice. There is nothing left.
If it is first time then anyone can try GCP for one year with credit of $300 but with care of resources.

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I have fear about without notice account suspension. We have seen many similar cases here.

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Correct I have also seen this case too.
But from last one month I have removed all sites from digital :ocean: ocean.

I also faced the same issue with my website, hosted on linode server. The website was not opening from my device (chrome browser, jio network). But at the same time, it was opening from another smartphone without any issue.

I thought it was an issue with my mobile network.

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But it’s opening in my devices with Jio.

What kind of verification. I got started immediately. You’ve referred to me and I am happy with the service.

Give me some more context.

Incident one

7 days ago, I referred my client to sign up UpCloud. Quickly, account got locked and in email they asked straight to send Card Photo. (It’s ok, everyone does)

We followed the instructions and after then, there is no response from their side.

How I am supposed to conduct business next time?

The perfect solution would be choosing alternative companies who does this verification process under 24 hours in business days.

UpCloud live chat was not helpful in this regard. In other case, they are somehow helpful.

How other company works?

  • GCP takes 4 hrs only
  • Vultr: 12 hours
  • Digital Ocean: 24 hours
  • Linode: 24 hours

Incident two

  • Once my client sign up UpCloud Account, by mistake he used short name instead full name.

  • I deployed server. 3 days over. Now account was deleted without prior warning. Reactivation was also long due process. After approaching multiple times it worked.

How other company works?

  • Once I referred someone to use Linode, after signup account got locked because client didn’t provided complete address.
  • Linode team given chance to correct it and that account is live today.

Incident three

If you ever need to reset password, or upgrade plan… it’s not one click but manual process. What I learnt today, while Upgrade, disk doesn’t increase automatically :grimacing:

While other provider does these stuff easily. DigitalOcean is much user friendly in these two things (password reset and resizing).

It’s hard to work any more with them. Feeling regret.


I am fortunate enough that I have met mostly good Client who shown patience to deal with these issues. Thanks!

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Yup I have lost one upcloud account with $220. While verification I did not remember which card I used.

After that I made new account and there is a new verification process.
They will verify the card whether it is credit or debit card… I don’t know… Now I don’t have idea about They accept debit card or not but they were accepting it few months before.

Now they ask photo of credit card with last 4 digits visible and rest to be covered with any white paper.

And they can also ask aadhar card of the user.

After these all they will fully activate the account.

Digital ocean also verify the user with identification process. So these can break patience of anyone.

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