Linode vs vultr?

I’m planning to start a new wordpress site.

My shortlisted servers are Linode vs Vultr?

My target audience is global audience. Not specific to any country.

Which one would you suggest?

Both are great choice.

I’m reading few article about Vultr outage intermittently. What do you think about it.?

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I think any one is the best

Downtimes are not under our control! Hosting companies were trying their best to give the maximum uptime, however, sometimes things go out of control. Even though downtime occurs, it will not last more than a few minutes. So no worries about that…
I have been using VULTR for software for my Group of Blogs and in the last 2yrs, I faced only 1 downtime.


Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

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This happened to me, last month my site was down for almost 2 hours and they just notified me but I thought it’s just an upgrade. Later, I came to know that in new jersey there was a power outage.
When I raised concern about it, they fixed the issue.

I don’t understand why they didn’t fix it earlier and why after raising the ticket.

Linode says they provide free ddos protection.

Is this worth to choose linode over vultr for this?