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Join the partner of Google Ad Exchange program


Things to know

  • Their team will contact you to get traffic information. Be ready with an awesome screenshot of Analytics :smiley:

  • Once approved, in next few days use received invitation link to sign up.


[September 2018] Adsense Earnings and Reports

cc: @Sajjad @Gopal

(Gopal) #3

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

(Mido 1wac19936) #4

This is scam. Please search the company on Google and read reviews

(Bihari Moderator) #5

Google AdX Partners List:

Find more:!?modal_active=none

(Sam Razzy) #6

Why Scam?

(Bihari Moderator) #7

They paid me but the performance wasn’t good so I dropped them :slight_smile:

(Mido 1wac19936) #8

Hmmmm that is scam


Please don’t feel afraid just because someone has posted a negative review. Here’s the inside story of such websites who simply lure fellow Internet users by posting sensational headlines.

The HuffPost article has done an amazing job explaining how those business work.

(Razor) #10

CPC works better then CPM any given point of day.

UNLESS - u have a news site. Then u need cpm because people wont click. They will only view. Other then news, cpc gives fantastic dividends.

(Gaitonde) #11

Then which one you suggest?
You suggested me exmarketplus

(Rami) #12

Could you please answer following queries regarding exmarket place.

  1. Will we get the money in a separate account than adsense.
    (I think it will be seperate. Just wanted to confirm it) . Actually for tax purpose want to move the account to wifes name. With my current adsense account cannot do it . If i can achieve this with ADX it would be great.
  2. Do you know minimum payout.
  3. Do you know if there is any minimum traffic requirement.


(Blog Boi) #13

They said that I need at least 250k Pageviews Per Month to get accepted.

(Rami) #14

@BlogBoi thanks for the info.
Mine is about 150k. About 25% is from US.
Let see. Have applied at their site.

(Bihari Moderator) #15
  • It’s independent and has nothing to do with AdSense. If your amount is below $1000, you’ll be paid via PayPal.
  • Any amount.
  • Approval depends on several factors and traffic requirement too.

Good luck

(Rami) #16

Thanks @BihariLala
I think website has been approved. Received a mail from Doubclick to complete registration for partnering with exmarketplace. Let’s see.

(Andrea) #17

Hi BihariLalam
I’m Andrea Mora, Business Development and Data Protection Officer of ExMarketPlace.

I would like to inform you that we do not advertise our company neither our business strategy because we work closely with our selected partners.

We’re always here to discuss about new partnerships but we require transparency and trust.

We do not have exclusivity rights and/or exit clause, we’re simply confident that our approach works better.

ExMarketPlace doesn’t offer its services and products just to increase the daily revenues, it offers itself as a strategic Partner from a technology perspective then monetization stream so to grow the business together; that’s why you don’t hear much about us.

Moreover, i never spoke with you I think and because of my role, if you didn’t speak with me, probably there is someone working as intermediary.

Feel free to contact me and reserve an hour of webinar to see how we work.

Here my contact


Best regards

Andrea Mora

(Andrea) #18

this is Andrea Mora from ExMarketPlace.
The minimum volume is not fix, it can be based on:

  • content vertical
  • geo
  • content quality
    and other factors

For an entertainement sites probably 250’000 pages are even low.
For a finance website we can work on a lower volume.

The key point is business value.
For geos with lower CPM, we need higher volumes.
If the business value is not enough high, the difference between our solution and others could be too low.
We can provide from +10 to +50% depending on the site.
But if we start from a total amount of 100$/monthly then it is not worth.

On parallel, if we see a good project with even 1’000 pages, with a good potential, we can work with this Partner to push the business to an higher level.

Fell free to contact me to submit your business model
Best regards

(Gaitonde) #19

Hi @Andrea_ExMarketPlace

You know @BihariLala He used exmarketplace :slight_smile:

I joined last month and we talk on Skype.

Can you decrease payment limit from 1000 to 500 for direct bank transfer instead of Paypal? Paypal charge too much for conversion of USD to INR.

(Andrea) #20

is it possible to discuss further about this opportunities on skype or via email?
Only in this way i can track partners.
Regarding BihariLala, i don’t remember any site with this name, neither any partner; maybe you can contact me again on skype so we can understand what’s the opportunity here.
Regarding the minimum for payments, we use a minimum of 1’000$ because banks could apply charges during the transfer.
Please contact me on private message:
Best regards