List of Important Tools For Bloggers

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Hey Buddies,
I am back again with #dailydose. I today’s #Daily_Dose, we will know about some of the most important tools for bloggers.
Let’s go for it.

  1. Audacity : It’s a great tool for the bloggers, who do Daily/Weekly Podcasts. Using this tool you can record, edit your voice, remove background noise and a lot more.

  2. Bing Webmasters Tool : It’s used to view & manage the data of your rankings, links, keywords etc for Bing Search Engine.

  3. Canva : It’s my personal favourite software/app/website for creating awesome images. I use this app to create amazing featured images, YouTube thumbnails and Infographics.

  4. ClicktoTweet : ClicktoTweet is a very popular one-click tweet tool. Use to increase no. of tweets. It is easy to implement in WordPress(self-hosted) blogs by just installing their plugin.

  5. Flickr : Flickr’s Advanced Search help us to find the images with Creative Commons shared on Flickr.

  6. Grammarly : Grammarly is a gem for Bloggers. It helps us to find and fix the spelling, grammar mistakes. It’s quite helpful for bloggers.

  7. Google Search Console : It’s similar to Bing’s with some more advance featured for Google Search Engine.

  8. Infogram : It’s a leading software/website for making long detailed infographics.

  9. LeadPages : Best Landing Page Creator.

  10. FeedBurner : A very popular free mailing service by Google. You can send daily newsletters using this.

  11. SEMrush : A very popular SEO analysis tool. You can use it for free. But if you need more powers update to pro.

  12. Ahrefs : A premium SEO tool to find total backlinks to a website, find keywords, and lot more.

  13. : A very light weight social sharing buttons tool. A brief setup guide is available here.

  14. Image Optimizer : This tool reduces the size of images, without affecting the visual quality of images.

  15. Quora : Quora is a Q&A site where people’s can ask or answer other questions. You can use Quora to find ideas for your next blog post.

  16. Adsense Sandbox( : If Adsense ads are not showing on your website, you can use this tool, to check that it’s only for you or ads are permanently stopped on your site.

  17. View Image : It is a Chrome Extension which helps to download image without even visiting website.

  18. : Onesignal : It is a tool which sends desktop/mobile notifications of the new blog posts you publish.

  19. : IFTTT: this tool helps you to automate your work. Like, share your post on all social media or blogs whenever you publish a post.

  20. Anydesk : It is a free remote control software. Through this software bloggers can help each other in solving their issues.

I will add more when get time. You guys can also add other tools to this list, as it’s a wiki.
Thanks & Regards,
CodingBeast :wink:

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Add Semrush and Ahrefs.

(Subhnish Meena) #3

View image - You can view and download image without visiting the Website
Onesignal - It should be in the list if Feedburner made it.

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Thanks for suggestion. I added them

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Hey! I added IFTTT. Is it okey?

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Thanks add more, if you want.

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No self ping and yoast seo :slight_smile:

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We need to organize this list by category. Then it would be interesting in reading.

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It’s a wiki. Anyone can edit, update remove things.

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I would organize it when the list will have 50+ tools.

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oye, add some tools from this list:

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Ji sarkaar. Kyun nahi. Free Hoke kar dunga. Abhi main padh raha hun