Listicle Blog post vs Long articles which one is easier to rank?

So I wanted to stick to the listicle only format but I am confused whether it’s even the right strategy or not? Or Should I switch to article format?

Which one will be easier to rank in the programming niche?

The number of words will be at least 2500 in both of them

Both are bad idea.
The article must serve the query right.
For example:- Why is my car backfiring.

Now since the query is specific one, and can be answered within 1500 words you must keep the length according to that. It also depends upon competition. But don’t fill the fluff like history of this or facts about this and all.

People are there for their answer. Give it to them straight forward.

If the topic is a broad one like How does a disk brake works Or something similar. You need to cover mutiple aspect of the questions here so this will be a long form content.

Simple as it is.


It’s by Google official