Live ipl wordpress website any advice?

i wanted to start a live score ipl website on wordpres but do not have sufficient knowledge . please help me , how can i start and will work or not ?

I don’t think BCCI has any API for live scores. You need a team of real humans for this.

Most such sites are already killed by Google live score. You will see most of people discussing their views there itself (and it also offers commentary).

Moreover if you wanted to work on this project, you should have started a little early to get ranked. I am mentioning this because sites targeting this niche have already created a lot of content on IPL 2021.

Otherwise, if you plan to offer some special sort of commentary for which you can receive audience, go for it.

For building such a site, can you utilize an API like this : ?


I love to watch [live ipl] score online. but some apps are wanted to subscription money from you.