Locked Out From WordPress Admin?


How are you all? I have a WordPress site and I have been locked out of the admin dashboard.

  • It is not a user permission issue. No user can log in, and I have also checked the permissions are ok by looking in phpMyAdmin

  • A couple of months ago, I installed the default free SSL certificate muy hosting provider offers. And it worked fine until a few days ago

I have disabled the certificate but that did not fix it. I also uninstalled and rolled back everything the plugin Really Simple SSL does, including executing the “force-deactivate.php” the plugin includes.

I also tried disabling all the plugins, the theme, replacing full WordPress folders in the FTP, restoring the database, etc.

I believe there is a strange redirect after logging in. I get bounced back to the home page when I try to log in, seemingly logged in but unable to enter the dashboard. It either says I have no permission, or it requests the password again. See the image below:

I’m logged in, as you can see in above’s image but can’t open the dashboard. Whenever I click on My site name it redirects me back to the site.

I need to gain back access asap. @GulshanKumar @BihariLala @itsbhanusharma please help


  • Is it your own website?
  • You may be subscriber of that site, instead of admin.
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It is one of my friend’s site. I have an admin account, and It is not a subscriber account…



My be your friend change your permission to don’t access admin panel.



No idea. Hard to say anything without checking personally.



Even my friend is not able to…



You can check, I will provide access if you need.



Ok … I am available in next 15 min.



LOL! Bro. Am I a joke to you. Why you don’t ask me directly on WhatsApp. I can give it back to you. Come to Anydesk ime



I am really sorry… Please help I will get in touch with you on Whatsapp…

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Is this solved?

If not, I can help You fixing on Monday, Contact on bhanu@orng.co

(It’ll be chargeable.)

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