Logo Won't Display on Screen

I stepped into a role where I am managing over 70 WP sites. There are 40+ that use the same customized template. One of the sites will not show the logo that is a part of the sticky heady. This is the site:

The logo should display in the top left corner similar to these other two sites:

I am rather new to WP and perplexed with the issue. Could someone please advise/


Please check your Theme settings.

After further investigation, one of the admins of the page deleted the logo pic. Now, when I go back and add the pic with the same file name and title, the logo does not appear.

Which setting should I check in the theme settings? Sorry, I am rather new to WP but I have enthusiasm about learning the ropes of the framework.

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Please check this part first

Ok. Thanks. I had already checked those settings but I wanted to make sure. I checked them again and the customized logo is not accessed in that section of the admin panel. I used the wayback time machine and found the file path. I traced the history of the site and found the file that was deleted. I added the image back in the path and there is still no logo on the screen displaying in that element. Thank you for your help.