Looking for best LMS


The goal of using LMS is providing educational material, training videos, etc.

Which one would you recommend? Thanks in advanced

Paid -

  1. Teachable
  2. Learndash


  1. Learnpress
  2. This is manual but u could have genesis with custom sidebars. but user login, user progress wont show.
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Seeking paid option. Quality is priority. Then which one would you recommend?

Teachable is very very simple and straightforward. The problem is no customization.

So if u plan on a lot of customization, then Learndash. But as i prefer simplicity, i would suggest teachable

The benefit of teachable is - Ur whole focus is on your content production. There are limited options in teachable. U can take that as a problem of teachable. But for me, it meant theres limited things to do to start a course. That forced me to concentrate on the main thing which drives revenue - Content.

But if cost is a constraint then learndash. Teachable gets costly because not only platform, but zapier for integration and then aweber or any emailer on top of it. So if u look at a whole years operation, Teachable is at least 500% costlier then learndash. But teachable can be scaled up to infinity at that cost. learndash will need lot of tweaking, server etc.

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Knowing ur wordpress capabilities and network i would recommend learndash. Cheaper and gets the job done.

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Thanks for the valuable input. I will look into it.

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I am using New Zenler. I have found it best and cost-effective as compare to teachable. It has a RazorPay gateway so better for Indian users.

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