Looking for DMCA/Offshore ignored cloud hosting

Anyone here knows a hosting which ignore dmca notice?. I am with UpCloud currently on 4CPU and 8GB RAM. Looking for around $50-$60 budget.


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Have you tried them? don’t seem to have a good reputation https://webhostinggeeks.com/providers/blueangelhost


But only Luxembourg location.

they are currently out of stocks.

oh yah…they are very popular in Lowendtalk.com…you can visit https://buyvmstock.com/ to check

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yeah they are completely out of stock for Luxembourg.

Have you tried shinjiru.com ?

Only with DO, Hetzner and BuyVM/Buyshared

they support dmca ignored?

No, I mean I have experienced with only these three…Hetzner is very strict but cheap…Hard to find DMCA ignored hosting…You may try https://hostsolutions.ro/ but talk to them before buying…this is his id on Lowendtalk https://www.lowendtalk.com/profile/cociu

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Oh yeah Hetzner is so cheap, and yes so hard to find good dmca ignored hosting. Thanks