Looking for suggestions


Hello guys,

Hope all of you are doing well. Today, I actually need a suggestion from all of you (especially those who have experience of either running Youtube channels or just people who are studying online)

I want to start a Youtube channel in coming days, Basically concentrating on science concepts of school level. I have already bought a Headphone with a microphone attached for voice recording but I am now confused with one thing.

Should I buy a Tripod and simply explain things from notes (My note making skills are good, but writing is just average) ?


Should I use some software where I can write or buy some device which help me to write digitally as we write in a copy? ( I donot have budget more than 1K for same)

I am not going to record my face though and I will be using a Phone cam as no budget for other camera. What are the options available considering the fact that I will be covering entire Science of NCERT Level for class 6th-10th in coming years and I plan to work on the channel for some long time.

All suggestions are equally appreciable.



This is better but not possible in 1,000 INR


Any good device BTW, You refer for same. I saw at Amazon and it includesgadgets from 4k-10k+ amount. Any particular device you have used?


you can make video on ppaper notes I have seen many youtube channel suvh as ekeeda and learn and grow


Best is make video of Power point presentation on your laptop. No external gadget required.
Use microphone to record your voice.

I do it all the time.

Once you make money think of anything else.


This is also a good suggestion. We should start from small (what we have most likely already).