Looking to purchase a website


I am looking to purchase a website. It should be 1+ Years old or older then that. It should be indexed in google. And should have more then 30-40 articles.
Budget - $100-300 depending on quality of site
Niche - Business / Tech

As bloggers, we start a lot of sites which we do not maintain. If you have any such site, please revert.

P.S - i know flippa and all exist. I would still prefer to buy from People who are genuine rather then the possibly spam sites that exist on flippa.

P.P.S payment is assured if deal is done. If u are worried about payment part please dont be. i have multiple sites and some of the forum members will vouch for me.

Hai I have InsideTheMovie.com blog with 1000 plus articles and indexed in google, approved for google ad exchange by exmarketplace. Asking Price $350. If interested please let me know . Thank You

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Thank u for the offer. I will keep in mind. However, i am not looking in the entertainment niche. Because redirects have to be niche specific. Otherwise it doesnt work. Goes into reindexation.