Lost Access To Hosting Account

Hello there!

So I have 3 sites up on Vultr and I had enabled 2FA using Google’s Authenticator app.

Unfortunately, I lost my device which had the authenticator app installed.

So, can I simply take a backup of all my wordpress website by logging in to wordpress dashboard and using some plugin?

And after taking backup, can I simply restore it on some other hosting and then point it to respective domain names?

Help me out guys! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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You may try once by Contacting Vultr support via your registered email.

Yes, I have contacted them. They asked me for latest PayPal payment receipt and name on the vultr account + address.

I have sent them paypal receipt but I don’t remember with what name and address I had registered an account with them.

Anyways, in worst condition, if they don’t unlock the account, then what is the best way to go?

Do you have SFTP access?