Make My First sale on fiverr


Hi All! A few days back I ask you all about:

Thanks, @GulshanKumar and @BLOGGING_SURGEON for your honest advice. I Don’t want to be a spammer or get a fake review.
After sending 58 seller request in 10 days I get my first order and completed it. also, the client also needs me for some extra projects. Because I’m Honest With him about My Work experience.
Maybe a spammer doesn’t even replay him if the order is completed. I helped him out of order.
Thanks You all for your great suggestion


Great!! Spamming works for short-term but honesty and hard work works for long-term. :ok_hand: :hugs:


Congrats buddy :slight_smile:


Also he gave me 5$ tip :slight_smile:


Congrats! Keep it up the good work . . .


You deserve that.


Congratulations @Ajay_Malik!


After posting there, me too got my first sale on fiverr. Got first order on google cloud. Lucky forum :heart_eyes:

Customer was very happy because of within one hour delivery (wp migration) and free speed optimization (97 Gtmetrix).

Now waiting for my first five stars :relaxed:

Thanks for valuable suggestions.


That’s Great!
Instead of just creating 3 packs. I create one pack with 15$. Which work. because Options confuse People and if there decision making power is low they simply leave that page


Congratulation @Ajay_Malik & @Rishi


Seems my tips are working for everyone except myself :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks @Abhishek @PiyushSuthar



$5 gig seems being rejected by US audience and loved only by Asian countries


100% Right All Asian want best service in minimal price :slight_smile: