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How you all manage passwords. Daily we login to many websites like Facebook, Twitter etc, so how you all manage those passwords?? Any tips for saving some time on this.

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Use a Password manager.

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I use Google Chrome on all devices with its Sync feature, secured by passphrase. I also prefer Dashlane Password Generator. When need to check password, I can just go to chrome://settings/passwords page and it will show me.

If you are looking for easy way, save password in the Google Chrome. Concerning security, enable passphrase and two factor auth in your Gmail. Also, do not install unknown extention.

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It’s Chicken n egg sort of situation but I’d so prefer something like 1password or lastpass here.

Reason: Although it’s extremely difficult, but it is possible for someone with the right skills to hack into your google account and delete all the passwords at and then the person whose account is compromised will be stuck two ways

  1. password gone
  2. email gone

that will be as traumatic as it sounds. Not having passwords and then not having the ability to restore them because gmail is also hacked.

Advantage of Using a 3rd party application (Prefrably the one that encrypts the passwords with a private key):
Even if hacker gets into your google or any other account, they won’t be able to use that password anywhere else.
if they find the dump of your encrypted/salted password, it is virtually next to impossible for them to be able to use any of your passwords in either of your both’s life time. Current computing power available today will take at least a million years to crack even the weaker 128 bit encryption.

2128 = 340282366920938463463374607431768211456


Use lastpass chrome extension


What happens if Lastpass is hacked? That risk we have to always take a guess?

I am also facing issues of password management. My only worry is - Using lastpass can in fact put passwords more at risk in case it gets hacked. Then all my passwords will be affected.

What do u guys think on this?


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We shouldn’t rely on single failure point.

For example, I use Google Chrome Password manager. I know there is a risk. So, what I do I don’t install any suspecious extention in the Chrome main user account.

Second, I Use passphrase with Chrome Password manager to prevent leak of password if someone managed to compromise my Gmail

Third, I have two factor auth at Gmail

and, Fourth at important account I enable there Two Factor also.

Fifth, keeping mob number and email updated.

Sixth, disconnecting unrecognized app access from Gmail account.


What is passphrase? It isnt a password management app right?


It’s a kind of master password for Chrome sync prevents unauthorised retrieval of password. Unless passphrase provided Chrome sync won’t restore anything. :slight_smile:


Chrome has made this feature optional. I use it for the better security.

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I am using LastPass for password management, also using its chrome extension.

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This is a must-use extension.

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There are some password management tools suggested by PrivacyTools

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