Many websites are hacked so not getting their traffic

As I have also faced and seen many websites too. But many of them are thinking that they are thinking that they have been hit by any update of rank down.

But here is the issue: when someone :mag:searching and going through google users have been redirected to a third party site here is the example.

This issue is only visible when you try to enter the website by searching it in google

I am sorry but you are little incorrect here my friend.

If a site is infected with virus, third party redirects can come from whatever source you are visiting it ( No matter through Google, direct traffic, referral or anything ).

Moreover don’t you think someone who is well-aware with dip in site traffic will also be aware with the malware too in his site ?

Search engines often release updates ( they are actually updated daily you can say ), its just some updates are big and get a name from the community due to their massive effect on many websites.

Hence updates are real and hence dip/surge in traffic is usually because of google dance, search engine algorithm updates. The case of malware is in very few cases for not properly maintained sites.

I think you did not understand what I meant.
I am not telling about search engines.
Am saying that due to file manager plugin or any reason site is just redirecting to third party url. But if you open the site directly by its url it is opening well.

Even in few sites are showing this site has some critical issues.