March 2021: AdSense Earnings Going Down

Vote the following:

What’s your current AdSense earning position?
  • Same as it is
  • Going Down
  • Rising
  • I don’t know what is AdSense

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I think it is due to end of FY2020.

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Seriously man :man_facepalming: you guys don’t know what is AdSnese @saurav_556 @BihariLala @Chey @AbhishekVerma @venkat

I have stopped even looking at it. This option doesn’t exist for me anymore
I wait till the site is at 30k pv and get into mediavine.
Why beg for pennies when you can earn $


To @saurav_556

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@saurav_556 I am using the classic editor in WordPress for a long time. Now I am thinking to use Gutenberg editor. Is Gutenberg editor affects or have a negative impact on on-page SEO?

Nopes. I have been using Gutenberg for years now!
I started using it when it was newly introduced. And I really love it!

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Your option is invalid. You know that everyone on a blogging forum would be aware of “AdSense”. Instead, the option should have been “I don’t use AdSense”.

Yep. There shouldn’t be I don’t know Adsense option in the Poll in the first place.

I have put in last option
Looks like poll option got randomized

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Don’t take it seriously. It was just a time pass :grin:

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