MariaDB ERROR 1064, while installing Wordpress

Hello, @GulshanKumar I am just following your tutorial about Installing Wordpress on Ubuntu 18.04 using LEMP from your blog site. Everything was going smoothly. But when I have created a new Database and then Gant Privileges with User name & Password, MariaDB showing an error. I attached the screenshot.

Please provide a solution to this issue.

Use right syntax

create database wordpress_database;
grant all on wordpress.* to wordpress_user@localhost identified by 'TYPE PASS';
flush privileges;
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Don’t use symbols in your passwords. Instead, try only digits and letters.

Also, there may be an issue with copying command. Don’t use => `
Just copy the above code which Gulshan said.

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@sajjad Is it fixed now?

Yes the problem is solved now.

getting the error due to this quotation symbol.

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Ye inke developers ne bhi ye bugs fix nahi kiya. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: