14,000 Impressions all for 25 cents


For all of you thinking of opting for the shamless media .net ad platform this is a good proof how pathetic they pay you… anyone calling them alternative to adsense should also feel shameless…



No, I never recommended it that is why. :smile:



Can anyone tell how much would adsense pay for 14,000 impressions even for the worst traffic…



You said it is impression. So if you have placed 4 ad units in a page the page views become 14000 / 4 which is equal to 3500. So in adsense for 1000 views it will be like $0.5 . So for 3500 page views only $1.75 which is also worst but little better than media net earning



Lol. We already talk more about it on this thread

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Surprise, this was for only 2 ad units…



Adsense even pay for impression, same is not the case for They pay only when someone click their ads. The problem with their ads are those look wierd, no one click those.

They say they provide display ads as well. I have dropped email to them, they said they have enabled it for me, but I have never seen display ad on my site.

Display ads like image, video works well. I would suggest you to try different ad network.

Your site is deals site, so I guess you are earning enough by affiliate sales.

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Thanks Sandi, I have dropped them some 10 emails finally they responded and finally activated the Image ads… now the RPM has increased from 2 cents to 6 cents… hope to see better results… will keep you guys posted…

Whats amazign those images ads are working on my site now and they looks no different than google ads so thats a plus…

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That’s good. I hope it will help.



When I checked it is actually a adsense code. Did they give you adsense code?

It was showing ads by Google.



Yes looks like but they are also associated with DoubleClick marketing, so not exactly sure…