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For a few days now, i have been trying to test alternates to adsense. Just for testing purposes.

It seems, the primary competitor of Adsense is - All the websites say so. I applied to and started testing the ads. They are literally the worst.

For 7500 pageviews, gave me a whopping 0 dollars!!

Wow!! 7500 readers and potential customers via ads, and the publisher gets 0 dollars. Where did the ad come from and where did the revenue go? Note - The company DOES NOT reveal the number of clicks per ad. Only RPM. And at the same positions, an alternate ad received 450 clicks in 7 days. Thats 64 clicks a day. Lets assume had 30 clicks. Then where is the money?

And here is more testing on why i feel it is not a trustworthy company.

i downloaded the APP of to keep track of earnings (silly me, thinking that i will earn a few dollars a day). In the App, the home screen has ads. There is a sign up button but no sign in button. U have to search for the sign in button. To search that, every click that you do shows a full screen ad of :stuck_out_tongue: Finally, when u sign in, even then u are showed an ad of

And when u sign in, u have 0 dollars. Loll.

Worst experience of Do not trust this company. It is NOT an alternative to google adsense.


[August 2018] AdSense Earnings and Reports

Not only none worked better than Adsense. Chitika is still bad.
After Adsense only Infolinks worked for me but removed before reaching payment limit



I think there is no alternative to AdSense.

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My experience was also bad with media .net :slight_smile:



They are a big scam. Checked on last month. They give random revenue. Check below screenshot.
1,652 Viewable impressions - $4.81
2,369 Viewable Impressions - $0.07

0 Likes 14,000 Impressions all for 25 cents

It used to be a good company before acquisition.

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I also tried once and have the same experience. Not crossed even $2 in 10 days. :joy:



anyone knows what happened to ??
how to increase income from



I tested this network 2 years ago, when I was having no AdSense account. I got only $2 for 10 Lakh pageviews from a blogspot blog. The condition was same.

They still haven’t improved a bit.



There’s literally no way. Go for AdSense



If so, you all can be an advertiser to drive traffic with less price.



Problem with is people do not click the ads. It CTR network.

That is the reason you are not earning. Create ads which matchs the content and place in position where people clicks it.



I think Google AdSense is #1 in world
3 is unknown



So after getting banned from adsense I gave a try. I have their code for maybe 2 hours just to test and this is the result I got lol.



Try mediawine… Main problem with media net is ctr. No one clicks their link ads. So you earn nothing.

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That ad company seems to work best for food, fitness blog so not a good match for me.



What about trying Buysellads.