Mediavine Vs. Ezoic? Which one is better?

Both Mediavine and Ezoic are certified Google Adsense Partner. Just want to know which one is better in terms of revenue or any other factor?

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Mediavine is anyday better. I get 2x the RPM with mediavine then with ezoic

How much traffic do you get from US?

Just want to know How is AdPushUp? (I have seen their ads many time)
And I don’t have any idea about these Google Certified Partners.
@GulshanKumar had told me once about How they work. But still, it is uncleared for me.

DO I need to give my AdSense account to them?
Do I need to pay them in a recurring basis?
How they will pay me?
How they will get their profit? (it’s clear that they will definitely take profit but how, will they receive my income first then they will pay me or I will get my income first then I will need to pay them)

Haha… bombarded with questions.

Adsense account is not needed

No you don’t need to pay them anything excepr for (ezoic premium) which is not so good anyways.

They pay you via paypal and payoneer. I prefer payoneer as conversion rate is good.

The rate is simple, they take 20-25% and you get 75-80% and even upto 90% in some case. Same as adsense revenue split works. What you see is what you get, all expenses and their cut is deducted already.

Adpushup is not a good one. I would recommend try others.

Okay, then how is adthrive?

They are the best. However its really really tpugh to get in.

So, mediavine will accept me or not? My major of the audience is from India.
What’s their requirement of monthly pageviews ?

Chances are low

Uour best bet would be ezoic

Are these same for Ezoic?


Just to let you know the rpm difference of different countries.
Sorry for poor quality.

That too india at 2.7 is the highest i have ever seen. Usually its below 1$ on average Rpm.
Check this one:-

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Till yet it was just 2.8-3.9$ RPM in my Adsense account.

Are you looking at the revenue gap up above.

I am not able to understand the meaning. Can you please explain?

Even with premium brokers the ad prices for india is below 1$ Rpm and same for the US was above 20.

So the point is If I have the same amount of time and effort then why target a Audience where i dont earn much. You will get more traffic but that doesn’t mean you will earn more. More traffic, costlier cdn and server but less income.

Spending same time, effort target a US audience and you can 20X the earning in the same time.

Blogging is all about working globally. And the favt is US Audience will always be the most expensive Audience. so its better to stick with them.

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It turns out ezoic pays better for International traffic, including UK, Canada, and India.

Do you use video ads on this website?