Meet FlyingPress - A Complete Optimization Suite

Today, with the launch of FlyingPress it aims to take WordPress performance to a new height.

A plugin created by Gijo who life and breath everything about WordPress. In past, he has given us most 5 star rated plugins such as Flying Analytics, Flying Images, Flying Pages and more.

Have a look :arrow_right:

At first glance, I feel this plugin can really help in improving Core Web Vitals by fixing common issues such as removing unused CSS, Font Optimization, Image Resizing, etc.

This plugin offers all in one solution for WordPress optimization.


Yup its awesome!
I got the 5 site license.
Alongside cdn it gets 90+ on mobile and desktop even with ads.
Setup and forget!


How this is better than `perfmatters Their price %25 Per year for one site.

Perfmatters takes care on-page performance optimization such as script removal where not neccessary. While FlyingPress is a server-side optimization mainly. Both have different purpose.

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I use it alongside Perfmatter on all my sites.

No conflicts?

Nope. It works great!
Just make sure you don’t enable rest api and lazyload in Perfmatter

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