Menu text not showing below 1024px



Normal full menu working above 1024px…perform really well as expected.(1024 px )

But in 1024 px or below 1024 px Not show any text on menu bar

menu Not working in responsive mode

Thanks in advance


Try reducing plugin or the font size of the WP Admin toolbar.


changes font text size 6
still not working

also work very well in others theme like wordpress default theme = tewnty twelve
but not working in premium theme


I am using eduma themeforest premium theme


I remember once I had faced similar problem, but not remember exactly what caused that issue


It is because of this CSS rule.

@media (max-width: 1024px){
	.site-header .navbar-nav>li {
		display: none;


How to resolve it ?


gulshran does anyone expert here in this forum
to solve my problem

else you recommended someone ,i am ready to hire him/her


Have you tried disabling minification and cache?


Please post your requirement at #Marketplace, someone if interested they can carry forward.