Migrate Blogspot to Wordpress


Recently I have migrated my blogspot blog to Self hosted WP platform. (http:www.nidhithakur.com)
But in that process all of my tags move to category section.

I found a few issue, hope you will resolve them:

  1. All tags moved into category.
  2. Earlier my site hosted on blogspot platform then post url was www.abc.com/2018/12/learn-new-tips.html but now I migrated it on WP and I have choose custom permalink so now post url is www.abc.com/learn-new-tips

Is it hurt my site now or future?

  1. Could I need to add again must have tag on my site like Analytic, search console etc.?

  2. Migration process is almost complete so what I need to do on my blogspot blog like add or delete blogspot html coding or any other work?



you just need to setup redirect for all URLs


:white_check_mark: The old to new path must redirect properly with HTTP status code 301.

:white_check_mark: Ensure there is no broken links due to migration.