Migrate from blogger to wordpress


Can anyone get increased traffic when migrated from blogger to wordpress.
I have 15K daily traffic on my blogger blog.
I am confused that I should migrate or not.


You may loose traffic surely if you don’t maintain same permalink. Recovering will take time up to six months.


I’ll have same permalinks like blogger.


I have 1600+ posts.


is wordpress more seo friendly than blogger?


It is indeed.

WordPress has plugins and you can customize everything to improve the SEO, which is not possible in Blogger.


anyone have experience of migration regarding traffic lose?


I know someone who messed up the redirection faced issues but if you do it properly, you will be fine. You are only going to change URL structure and redirect it properly so Google can follow, there is no chance of traffic.


Then is it worth to migrate?


Well yes it is.


Why if there is no increase in traffic?


You cannot predict the future. We don’t how much it will increase but even if it remains, you will have several other benefits.

WordPress has 1000x more features than Blogger :slight_smile:


I can do everything in blogger, features are not the cause of migration.


I want to migrate because I am working regularly on my blog and wrote about 300 posts in last 2 years.
but there is no increase in traffic since 2 years.


Ok suggest me the best hosting for such traffic (15K daily)
Also suggest me best theme in terms of speed.


which would be better?


I think cPanal is better for me.


And best theme in terms of speed?


What is GP?


Astra free or pro?