Migrate from blogger to wordpress

He won’t… it’s not politicals where one decision would have hundreds of unpredictable outputs.

He can easily convert Blogger labels to WordPress category/tags and change permalink structure on WordPress for the posts/pages.

It’s only about the URLs and their redirection, and nothing else.

Gulshan has already outlined the steps. There are many guides and gigs on Fiver to do migration with ease.

Customization is not the issue with blogger for me. I only want to move because of the yoast seo plugin.
Can anyone tell me the experience with this plugin to increase in traffic.

Waste. Don’t go for it.

already made one for my platform (python)

I still second this!

Well then it is a good thing for him.

Indeed it is a great plugin for SEO I miss it on my new site. But that is only for optimizations of meta tags and keyword which you can do by simple html too.

But if you still want to move ofcourse you can but that won’t guarantee a ranking boost, maybe you will get maybe not.

As manas said Seo doesn’t matter on CMS google crawler only care about the final rendered HTML.

But I think it is worth taking the shot! Go on do share the result with us.

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Actually I am asking a lot about it because my blog is performing well on blogger, therefore I am confused to move to wordpress.
But all forum members have different views about it.
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Anything new will take some to learn and be friendly with it. As far WordPress, for me it took 1 month, and approximately two years to master its common error and solving it …

Some of those popular were

  • Error establishing database connection - some time due to host
  • Internal server error - It was happening because some mistake in htaccess or some error

I am not making afraid, but if you are ready to put efforts and understand it, go for it.

Remember, WordPress requires maintainence. I can’t say it, you will switch and forget it.

It requires regular updates to prevent any bugs, conflict and security issues. If you already know WordPress, then switch to it. Else, please think about it once.

Most important, having regular backup is essential at WordPress.

To start properly on WordPress,


I moved from blogger to WordPress. But I moved in very early stages of my site. And I am glad that I did. You will not regret it. With proper implementation, you will not lose any significant traffic.

In my experience, WordPress is superior in every single aspect when compared to blogger platform.

Yes, I mentioned it firstly…

Then what is the need to move to wp. SEO is not actually connected with platform you use. Moreover, you are going to take risk by paying your hard earned money to web hosting and useless plugins.


I have an Idea… Why don’t you try to migrate it on a local WordPress installation first? You’ll get to experience everything related to WP (except traffic, ofc) without messing up with your blog on blogger. When you are confident enough, then migrate it to the live server. I would recommend Cloudways for that.

@Ankur https://fatfrogmedia.com/health-niche-google-penalty/

Maybe, this update is the reason for traffic loss or low traffic.

My blog is not on healthcare, that is on pharmaceuticals. Both are different, healthcare blog provides information to take medicines or the ways to be healthy but pharmaceutical blog provides information to manufacture the medicines. So I think my blog is not in this category and penalty is not the issue.

@Ankur If you are just migrating for yoast SEO then you can simply use WordPress on local host, use yoast to optimise your post and just paste it in blogger and publish it. Problem solved.

Though, I am in favor of migrating to WordPress.

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Instead of migrating to Wordpress trying to implement AMP on blogger.

Yes I have almost completed the template.

I was crazy about computers but mistakenly gone to pharma.
Now pharma and computers combination is my strength.

That’s bad move. There won’t be any rank benefits unless you’re a news organization and the earnings from ads (AdSense) will drop for sure.

Google is suggesting to implement AMP and telling a lot of benefits of it.

Have you tried it?

I am using it for one year and it’s a total waste of money unless you’re a big news organization.

Where? Those benefits are not valid for everyone.