Migrate from blogger to wordpress


I migrated from blogger to wordpress and change URL structure of post by removing date from them using yoast redirect tool.
Only little increase in traffic after all these changes


I think you did not get increase because you changed the url.


Is there anything specific I can help with?


Migrating from Blogger to WordPress will surely contribute to the traffic loss. Also, it will take time to recover.


Will it loss if I have same permalink as on blogger.


When you migrate to WordPress, I would recommend looking at few things carefully

  • Ensure A to A permalink structure.
  • Audit 404 links
  • Maintain similar internal link for the navigation
  • Ensure about proper heading structure.
  • Audit your new site at https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool
  • Make sure all images are present, image traffic may loose due to permalink change.
  • Optimize for speed and mobile view, you can test at https://web.dev/measure
  • Test your complete site with Crawling Software like Screaming Frog to find possible issues and fix it.


thanks @GulshanKumar
Does anyone know the blogger blog having good traffic?
I mean alexa rank below 10,000.
As I am unable to find.


Even I am too searching the answer for the same question.


@MyilRaj @Ankur

These blogger sites have nice alexa rank.


Indeed but they can do better if they move to WordPress.


I spoke with Hackernews admin through email regarding blogger and WP. He said that he wants to stick with blogger to inspire others.


As I saw alexa rank of these blogs, studyrankers.com has 13,976 rank with just 45 links.
How is it possible?
I think alexa is unable to determine exact traffic of websites.


Alexa won’t show all backlinks. So, use Ahrefs.


Seo dosen’t depends on what cms you are using. Google don’t care how your server renders stuffs, all it matters is the generated HTML content. I believe that both are same in terms of seo. but with WordPress you will get more features.


I only want to migrate because yoast seo plugin has option to seo for synonyms.
That can help to improve my rankings and traffic.


This is exactly what I think, search engine has nothing to do with cms. Only good thing about WordPress is that it have tons of plugin, nothing more.


Then, is it beneficial to migrate to wordpress from blogger.


@Ankur You can migrate to WP. Make sure to follow the steps given by Gulshan


WOW. The site is clean AF. Its the cleanest and the most well designed blogger based website I have ever seen. :100:


Tons of plugins and better solutions would help him grow his business/blogging. A open source WordPress is far far better than Blogger.