Migrate from blogger to wordpress


will they do everything for me?


These themes are different form my current layout.
Can you tell me the theme have only post list on home page.


No, go for Cloudways if you prefer simple things. Easier and more user friendly than Cpanel.


check my blog and suggest similar one pharmaguideline.com


It is not. He is earning good enough to pay $10-20 to Cloudways.

I know his website and it receives decent pageviews :slight_smile:


Yes but it has a lot of space between posts.
Reader should see more posts when he is reading one.


Yes i think I can do it easily.
this blogger theme is optimized by me it is the work of years.


Well alright.

  • Migrate to WordPress and use Cloudways’ Digital Ocean or Vultr if you want the simplest experience.
  • Test the site in localhost and when you’re sure migration is successful, move it.

Or just get @GulshanKumar, he will help you and do it for you :slight_smile:


Digital ocean has limited bandwidth.
that may cause problem for 15 K traffic?
I have just tried to migrate a demo blog on digital ocean.


Good enough for massive pageviews. You will never face bandwidth issues.


Thanks for your support dear
But that is easy and I can do it myself as I have tried it on a demo blog.


which plan should I choose on digital ocean?


Are you going with Digital Ocean or Digital Ocean managed via Cloudways?


I have tried digital ocean only.


Yeh, do you think you would be okay with managing a unmanaged Digital Ocean server? If no, go with Digital Ocean managed via Cloudways.

If you’re familiar with DO, you can go with $20/mo.


Unable to find the difference between both in terms of performance??


Performance remains same. Cloudways makes it easier, that’s the only difference. One click to backup, one click and you can install SSL certificate. It’s like modern Cpanel :slight_smile:

Also Cloudways offers live chat.


then I don’t think I need cloudways


Yeh, go with Digital Ocean directly then. Good luck!


Dear I already have account and as I told I am already using it.