Migrate HTTPS Enabled non-top TLD Domain to Cloudflare without Downtime


(I am a magician!) #1

Consider a situation,

  • You want to migrate https://example.com.au to the Cloudflare CDN which protocol is HTTPS and domain TLD is.com.au

What problem can arise if you follow a typical approach of Cloudflare setup?

  • You will notice SSL error. It may last longer than 24 hours. :fearful:

  • Your loss: Panic moment. Loss of Advt cost, Epic loss of traffic.

  • Why this happens? Your domain points to Cloudflare IP but Cloudflare SSL installation is pending.

:warning: Except for the top TLD domain, Cloudflare may take longer than 24 hours to install SSL. This will happen only for the first time. No need to worry if you are already using Cloudflare.


To gracefully setup Cloudflare without any downtime, here’s what all you need to do.

  1. After updating the Cloudflare Namerservers

  2. Go to Overview menu

  3. Keep Cloudflare Pause until at Cryto settings Cloudflare says “Active Certificate”.

  4. Come back after few days, and “Activate” the Cloudflare Proxy.


1. What does “Pause” means at Cloudflare Overview page?

  • Cloudflare nameservers will route all traffic to your Origin server. Site should work fine as before.

  • In Cloudflare wording - “Pause will temporarily deactivate Cloudflare for your domain. Cloudflare will continue to resolve DNS for your website, but all requests will go directly to your origin.”

Still, have any question? Please feel free to ask.

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(Suprim Shrestha) #2

can you explain this option?


(I am a magician!) #3

Please see this topic

(Sahil Sharma | Proud Indian | Blogger) #4

Sir, I can use Lets encrypt free ssl and cloudflare full mode right?
I think answer is yes but still need to confirm once @gulshankumar

(I am a magician!) #5

I wouldn’t recommend using Let’s Encrypt with Full mode. Just keep “Flexible”. See what suit as per host.

(Sahil Sharma | Proud Indian | Blogger) #6

But flexible is when we donot have a ssl actually

(I am a magician!) #7

I can’t take risk with Let’s Encrypt.

(Sahil Sharma | Proud Indian | Blogger) #8

Do you think both will work this way, mean both flexible and lets encrypt?
I think they will not

(I am a magician!) #9

Yes, it should work.

(Sahil Sharma | Proud Indian | Blogger) #10

Hmm. Okay Thankyou sir :slight_smile:

(I am a magician!) #11

You’re welcome!

(Sahil Sharma | Proud Indian | Blogger) #12

Anyone knows what can be the possible reason when a site is using cloudflare but still GTMetrix giving recommendation to use CDN?

(I am a magician!) #13

It could be for different hostname. Check Yslow.

(Sahil Sharma | Proud Indian | Blogger) #14

Not showing in Yslow. Actually showing a recommendation in yslow to add cdn when i have added cloudflare already

(I am a magician!) #15

Can I have report link?

(Sahil Sharma | Proud Indian | Blogger) #16

Please check it sir :slight_smile:

(Sahil Sharma | Proud Indian | Blogger) #17

Oh sorry got that But still i think issue is there for some images . i am getting confused :confounded::confused:

(I am a magician!) #18

I checked. The response look like this for non-www.

|Date|Thu, 09 Aug 2018 12:28:13 GMT|
| --- | --- |
|Connection|Upgrade, close|
|Last-Modified|Thu, 09 Aug 2018 12:26:32 GMT|
|Cache-Control|max-age=0, no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate|
|Expires|Mon, 29 Oct 1923 20:30:00 GMT|
|Content-Type|text/html; charset=UTF-8|
  • Cloudflare is not active. Your hostname points to Interserver.

Now you may say, oh but I already activated Cloudflare from cPanel. What about that?

Unfortunately, that method sucks. It is limited to www version. And, in your case it is non-www that’s a reason it is missing. This is completely normal, you can’t do anything. If you want Cloudflare, you need to setup manually.

I hope it clarify.

(Sahil Sharma | Proud Indian | Blogger) #19

Actually I did not added cloudflare. It was there already. Let me see it and solve that. Thanks though :slight_smile:

(Sahil Sharma | Proud Indian | Blogger) #20

BTW You are really a genius man