Migrate HTTPS Enabled non-top TLD Domain to Cloudflare without Downtime



One moment…

If you have access to its CF account, make sure that Cloudflare is active for apex domain record also. It should fix.


I donot have yet. I will ask and revert you back. Actually the guy is weird and says I donot want to give you cloudflare access :frowning: Not sure why.
He just says I donot want to expose my niches


I guess, CF has team option. Not sure if it works at domain level. This may resolve the issue.

Or… setup a brand new account for that domain.


He does not understand such things :joy::rofl::rofl:


He told me to use anydesk


It’s better as long he trust you. Else, it is nightmare. Deal with it.


When we minify css and js files via CF, it consumes any CPU of our server ?

Which one is better for you sir:

  • Minify css&js via CF
  • or minify via cache plugin?



No it will not consume your server resources … CF will do it on-the-fly … and caches the minified version of assets.

This is good and work only for external css and js files. If you have lots of css and js code in your main html document then CF will not minify those. :slight_smile:

This is good and will do 100% minification …only if you have enabled proper page level cache … via W3tc or any other plugin

if caching is not implemented then this can lead to waste of resources.


My first preference would be on-the-fly Cloudflare minification.


First, thank you so much for your and Gulshan’s help :slight_smile:

CF is not minifying internal css and js files? like styles.css of the theme. Should I minify css and js files via both CF and plugin ?

Or should I combine all css and js files via W3 cache, and then minify it via CF?

Also minifying html…


there is no benefit of doing multiple stage minification.

Not recommended … as combining will create lots of css and js files …
like homepage css => a346svjds.css , contact page a62678ks.css
Here CDN will have trouble in caching …


Can I ask you last question?

I’m using Litespeed web server and plugin. So page caching is enabled.

Also Cloudflare cache is enabled I guess. Because I don’t know how can I turn on/off CF page cache.

If both of them are enabled, Does that situation create any cache conflict or unnecessary CPU consuming?

THANK YOU AGAIN :slight_smile:


In normal case Page cache means caching whole html doc … that is sent to ur client …
This is done to reduce the load on server … so that server preocess a page for 1st time then it store it for a while.

please notice here litespeed is not caching any css, js assets

Now coming to CF … In default scenario CF do not cache HTML doc … It only do caching and cdn for assets like CSS, JS, Images.

There is no conflict here as both are doing different things :

  • Litespeed is making page cache to save server CPU resources
  • CF is caching statict assets like JS CSS Images… to save your server resources in terms of (bandwidth, no. of request to server)


Thanks bro :slight_smile: I’m using BunnyCDN, Cloudflare WAF and DNS, And also Litespeed web server at the same time :slight_smile: . My site is fully optimized.


U r welcome :slight_smile:

Good to know :slight_smile:


Cloudflare deals with caching static content like css, js, images.

Your LiteSpeed cache plugin deal with Page cache.

Can you guess the difference? :slight_smile:


Yes bro, I’m learning Cloudflare step by step :slight_smile:

Also If you want to test and review Litespeed cache plugin for your blog essays, I can provide you a shared hosting with Litespeed web server free. I have reseller. (Location: Turkey) @GulshanKumar


Thanks, I would like to try.


I sent you a private message bro.