Migrate HTTPS Enabled non-top TLD Domain to Cloudflare without Downtime


(I am a magician!) #21

One moment…

If you have access to its CF account, make sure that Cloudflare is active for apex domain record also. It should fix.

(Sahil Sharma | Proud Indian | Blogger) #22

I donot have yet. I will ask and revert you back. Actually the guy is weird and says I donot want to give you cloudflare access :frowning: Not sure why.
He just says I donot want to expose my niches

(I am a magician!) #23

I guess, CF has team option. Not sure if it works at domain level. This may resolve the issue.

Or… setup a brand new account for that domain.

(Sahil Sharma | Proud Indian | Blogger) #24

He does not understand such things :joy::rofl::rofl:

(Sahil Sharma | Proud Indian | Blogger) #25

He told me to use anydesk

(I am a magician!) #26

It’s better as long he trust you. Else, it is nightmare. Deal with it.