Migrate WordPress from Cloudways to Vultr with ServerPilot (In 1 hour)



Great and detailed guide @GulshanKumar! :clap: Was kind of waiting for this one (the SSL part). Thank you! :grinning:


This is why I love this forum, you explain everything step-by-step. :heart_eyes:

One question: Is Vultr good for Discourse set up?, or DigitalOcean?


This forum itself is setup in Vultr only, I believe.


Both are good. To skip GST charges and to get timely support, I prefer Vultr instead DO. This forum, as well as currently all sites, I have hosted at Vultr.


Awesome Tutorial! :sunglasses:

I have 2 doubts,

  • As i was thinking to use BunnyCDN with my website, and it also provide SSL, then what should i be doing? Install the BunnyCDN SSL or the way you have mentioned in this tutorial!

  • By Using ServerPilot will it protect my website from brute force attack for my root password? or i need to do some seperate step to protect from it!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

  1. Like every other CDN, BunnyCDN provides Let’s Encrypt support for CDN path, not root domain.
  2. ServerPilot comes with inbuilt Firewall.

ServerPilot enables an iptables firewall on your server. The firewall allows only the following incoming ports:

TCP port 22 (SSH)
TCP port 80 (HTTP)
TCP port 443 (HTTPS)


oh… sorry… my lack of understanding! So, i need to install this SSL and the BunnyCDN SSL as well? Right?


@anon67988857 Exactly. You have to install at both places. Both will have separate SSL installations.

A record example.com --- Vultr IP
CNAME www --- example.com (same as A record, Vultr IP)
CNAME cdn.example.com --- BunnyCDN address

This is why…

At Serverpilot for your own domain example.com, www.example.com

At BunnyCDN, only for cdn.example.com. I hope this clarifies.


Thanks for Clarifying the doubts! Appreciated! :slight_smile:


Good to know, Thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you for this detailed guide @GulshanKumar :smile: I was looking for something like this.

And one question, currently I am using Rackspace email on Cloudways and if I stop the server then I will able to use it or it will also stop? :thinking:


Can confirm that Vultr is FAR better than Digital ocean and Linode. Go check out the benchmark :wink:

I am using Amazon AWS and I’m in love with it :heart_eyes: Google Cloud is good as well

I’ll move to Microsoft Azure the day Cloudways launches their servers.


I prefer Zohomail. It’s free of cost.

I am its old customer, they also provide me free email forwarding feature, that I use my Gmail account. :heart_eyes:


Great guide! Was waiting for 4 days. thank you very much :heart:


Sorry for the delay. Good to see your feedback. Thank you.


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Must have taken hours to create this detailed tutorial.

Thank you!


I wrote this nearly a month ago. However, it was needed to do lots of editing. I am happy to publish it today. :slight_smile: