Migrate WordPress from Cloudways to Vultr with ServerPilot (In 1 hour)


To get a free custom domain email, you may use Zohomail. I am also using their services since two years. In my experience, services is good.

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I’m also using Zohomail since three years, no issues at all. I have hosted it on Cloudflare so it works regardless of the website hosting, migration etc


Our email independently depends on DNS records. So, it will work :slight_smile:

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@gulshankumar I am writing a blog posts on this topic, can I use these screenshots. I will give you proper credits.

Please @gulshankumar.

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Yes :slight_smile: @mayank you’re so smart my DOST.

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@gulshankumar Can i host 2 small blogs on the $5/month plan?


@imamit You can host.


Not more than 2 images.

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Please @gulshankumar, I have no laptop/PC so, I can’t take screenshots like you. Please. I humbly request you.

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How to check how much storage is used by the server ??


Open SSH and type df -h command, press enter key.

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That’s not really a reason bro. You can take the screenshots by yourself by visiting a browsing centre easily.

Hours of hardwork has gone into taking these screenshots and writing this amazing tutorial. It’s not fair to even ask whether you can copy this content.


Update: Fix for email not receiving issue.


Or you can configure mailgun to do the mail duties for you.

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@gulshankumar you should add a link to ‘how to create swap in linux’ in your guide as vultr doesn’t automatically create swap and it can give some performance boost when ram is full.

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Swap is automatically created by serverpilot

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Oh I didn’t knew that!


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Just have one question.

If you want to choose between Digital Ocean and Vultr, then which one you would like to choose?

Because I could see that both offers same features in same price.

I am asking this because in August 2018 my bluehost plus hosting will end, so I am planning for new option.