Migrate WordPress from Cloudways to Vultr with ServerPilot (In 1 hour)



The way I am recommending is free. All you need to follow step-by-step guide.


Thanks for the info.

One more question- Does it provide custom email because I didn’t heard about it anywhere.


No. But you can use Zoho for free


Is serverpilot better than vestacp panel? i’ll be using vultr 512mb ram plan for my site?



I have been user of VestaCP for few days, however in my personal experience ServerPilot is better.


RunCloud vs ServerPilot :thinking:




Thanks and is there any websites’ performance/speed advantage if I get their PRO plan?


No …

But yes … you wont be able to monitor your server services… you can’t control redis, memcache… so if you plan to use them… there might be performance issue…

but there hybrid server stack… is good by default… simply use w3tc page cache… and you already get an optimized server :slight_smile:

note : runcloud does not install phpmyadmin by default


All websites on the server refused to connect. :fearful:


@Paritosh Did you recently tried installing SSL on any domain?


Yes, I was on the last step of installing SSL, I pressed Ctrl+X and it did not close… so I closed it manually… I think this caused some uncompleted process.


Please see this step. Just delete recent .ssl.conf and restart nginx-sp


I can not find it…



Click on the top … folder

Or, type in its address bar. :slight_smile:


ServerPilot: https://serverpilot.io/blog/2018/06/08/pricing-changes.html

RIP for the free plan now for new servers! :face_with_thermometer:

Time to use LEMP Stack only for Cloud VPS, unless one is ready to pay now or need to go for RunCloud or VestaCP! Hmm…


centminmod and CyberPanel are alternatives


More ram = more speed?


I don’t think so. Any application will use what is required. Ideally, 1 GB RAM or more would be best for the production site. For small site, you can use 512MB RAM also.


Thanks, Is there any way to check Memory/Ram usage in Vultr?