Migrate WordPress from Cloudways to Vultr with ServerPilot (In 1 hour)


@imamit Go for Vultr because they provide better support.

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Hi @gulshankumar, can I expect better speed than Bangalore DO from the Singapore Vultr?


Maybe for India only.

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Hey @gulshankumar ,
I bought Vultr today. & wanted to host my new wordpress website on that.

There was no need to migrate as the website is new. I followed your steps till installing SSL.

But wordpress is not getting installed.

Any specific error I might be doing?



Please share a screenshot.

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running well now!

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@gulshankumar It seems the SSL installation process mentioned in the tutorial doesn’t work if someone is using Ubuntu 18.04 x64 OS.

I was doing some R&D for this tutorial on my test domain and when I use Ubuntu 18.04 x64 the SSL will not work. It will say "www.example.com refused to connect". Yes the DNS Propagation was perfect and at Cloudflare, it was DNS only! Also, did the troubleshooting mentioned in the tutorial but did not work!

Finally, I thought of doing fresh Vultr Server installation and installing SSL with Ubuntu 16.04 x64 and it worked! It is 100% reproduction always!

P.S.: I do understand you have mentioned in the tutorial to use Ubuntu 16.04 x64 only!

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Yes!! the same happened i think!!
Then i did everything as same as gulshan said!!

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Signed up…! :smiley:

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@gulshankumar @pruthviraj @All

For all the guys who like to use Ubuntu 18.04 x64 and Install Let’s Encrypt SSL successfully! I found the solution for it!

Why it was not working?
As the script that you download from a website sple.sh is not written specific to Ubuntu 18.04 x64. It has some conditions which will be executed only after checking if the Ubuntu version is 16.04.

Just edit this script sple.sh, and replace the version from 16.04 to 18.04, save and exceute! Let’s Encrypt SSL will install for your domain!

After excecuting this command,
cd /usr/local/bin && wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lesaff/serverpilot-letsencrypt/master/sple.sh

Take backup of the sple.sh (in case you screw up while editing the script)
cp sple.sh sple.sh-bkp-13-may-18

vim sple.sh (not good with nano editor)
search in this file for 16.04 and change it to 18.04 (It will be at 3 places) [Press esc key, then type i, and change the version in the 3 places]

After changing the version at 3 places, Press esc key, then type :wq!, Press Enter

It will save the file! Just open the file again to confirm the changes! Done!

Follow the rest of the process as mentioned in the Tutorial! Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Does they provide SSL certificate? if yes then pricing?


The way I am recommending is free. All you need to follow step-by-step guide.

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Thanks for the info.

One more question- Does it provide custom email because I didn’t heard about it anywhere.

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No. But you can use Zoho for free

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Is serverpilot better than vestacp panel? i’ll be using vultr 512mb ram plan for my site?



I have been user of VestaCP for few days, however in my personal experience ServerPilot is better.

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RunCloud vs ServerPilot :thinking:



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Thanks and is there any websites’ performance/speed advantage if I get their PRO plan?


No …

But yes … you wont be able to monitor your server services… you can’t control redis, memcache… so if you plan to use them… there might be performance issue…

but there hybrid server stack… is good by default… simply use w3tc page cache… and you already get an optimized server :slight_smile:

note : runcloud does not install phpmyadmin by default