Migrate WordPress from Cloudways to Vultr with ServerPilot (In 1 hour)



but i am only using cloudflare for managing DNS. its service is already disabled


Have you followed this step? If yes, it should fix.

Else, second option… Sorry, it’s wouldn’t be so easy.

  • Clone your site at a New WordPres App in the ServerPilot.


yeah thats why i am searching for a solution!


nginx starts when i delete all the letsencrypt files but still it shows as refused to connect


Uncheck “Deny Requests for Unknown Domains” and check again!


already uncheked


okay. Need to debug further. Please contact support at serverpilot.io


any way to access phpmyadmin?


use https://www.heidisql.com/ to access your database… but what you would do in this case whre ssl is creating issue?


move to another server, if it doesnt solve


you are behind cloudflare? and flexible SSL is ON ?


no cloudflare is totally paused and no certificate is active on cloudflare


how to use this?


a 15min solution is use cloudflare ssl … and put your website to http on server and do rewrite to https by cloudflare…


read this… https://blog.runcloud.io/2017/07/01/access-database-runcloud-better-phpmyadmin-alternative.html


@iamHappy i am getting this error: SQL Error (1045): Access denied for user ‘root’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)
it seems that it requires mySQL pass but i forgot if i have added any mySQL pass


Why are you not putting effort on SSL problem?

Yup it require mysql root password …


i have contacted serverpilot team hope they reply soon!


how to get it?


i don’t know this. :disappointed_relieved: