Migrate WordPress from Cloudways to Vultr with ServerPilot (In 1 hour)



i got this. it is located in wp-config.php file


@GulshanKumar how much you recommend Centos web panel?


@Manash It’s similar to cPanel, once I had used its panel with once with a shared hosting. It was fast but panel was bit classic. Instead of that, you can directly install WordPress at Vultr with one click. It has option for it. However, there are some minor catch which can be resolved with SSH.
More details: https://www.vultr.com/docs/one-click-wordpress


Gulshan Kumar.! You have written an awesome article. I am myself using DigitalOcean web hosting server through https://www.cloudways.com/en/ and I never knew that they are costing me higher than their basic server. But, I think it’s because of the fact that they are providing a managed hosting. I mean they have taken all my pain of installing and managing the hosting server. So, this price is quite bearable.


@SallyGreen I see, you are right.