Migrate WordPress from Cloudways to Vultr with ServerPilot (In 1 hour)


This tutorial completes almost every aspects which you need to follow.

(CEO of www.viralbhabhi.com) #43

I am also planning to migrate from SiteGround to Vultr; do Vultr have monthly billing? Thanks :slight_smile:


Best decision. Yes, they have monthly billing system. Amount will be deducted based on credits exiting in your profile.

(CEO of www.viralbhabhi.com) #45

$10 and $25 sigh-up bonus using your referral link, and I will have total $35 credits, right? :sweat_smile:


Yes, exactly.

(Rakesh Reddy) #47

Thanks @gulshankumar, i added 10$ and I got 25$ bonus. with this credits can i run a 512mb server for a year right?

(Saksham Kumar) #48

Why?? :confused:



Yes, you can run 512MB RAM server.

(CEO of www.viralbhabhi.com) #50

I can see “WordPress” under “Application” Section… Is ServerPilot better than this option? :sweat_smile:


ServerPilot offers optimized installation with firewall, that’s why I would recommend choosing ServerPilot.

(CEO of www.viralbhabhi.com) #52

I guess I can get better performance with Vultr :thinking:


Maybe, I have not tested.



  • Improved formatting with headings
  • Re-arranged steps, moved updating DNS records to the top to avoid the chances of connection refused error after installing SSL.
  • Added some missing steps and information.
  • Fixed some typos

(Achraf) #55

vultr is very nice, unfortunately can not downgrade,only upgrade :disappointed_relieved:

(I am a love charger) #56

You can only downgrade on Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. These are highly scalable servers, unlike DO and Vultr.

(CEO of www.viralbhabhi.com) #57


It may take up to few hours. Please keep patience.


You can take backup of your WordPress and restore it to the new server.

You may find helpful

(CEO of www.viralbhabhi.com) #60

I guess this happened because I added a :luxembourg: Luxembourgish Credit Card


Your Vultr account name and the payee name should be same, else it may require manual review like it happened. No worries, they will release your account. :slight_smile: