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(CEO of www.viralbhabhi.com) #142

Yes. it is $35

(CEO of www.viralbhabhi.com) #143

I selected the wrong location :fearful:

I wanted it to select New York but I selected Los Angeles :slightly_frowning_face:

(Mr. Potter) #144

LA in-stock?

(CEO of www.viralbhabhi.com) #145

Yes it is :thinking:

(Mr. Potter) #146

Oh… does not matter I need NY. my bad. NY out of stock. :confused:

(CEO of www.viralbhabhi.com) #147



Type your email address example@gmail.com and press enter key

(CEO of www.viralbhabhi.com) #149




Now your website should be accessible in HTTPS.

(CEO of www.viralbhabhi.com) #151

Yes, Thank you…


Next, you may set up auto-renewal, as written in step 40.

(CEO of www.viralbhabhi.com) #153



Just few steps ahead…

  • Press :arrow_down_small: key, move cursor to last.
  • Type next
    0 */12 * * * letsencrypt renew && service nginx-sp reload
  • Hold CTRL and Press O (Write out)
  • Hold CTRL and Press X (Exit)

(CEO of www.viralbhabhi.com) #155



Press Enter
Then CTRL+X to exit.

(CEO of www.viralbhabhi.com) #157

When I press CRIL+X, Windows 7 Error sound and nothing happens


Session timed out? :thinking: Try again after logging in.

(CEO of www.viralbhabhi.com) #159



I think I have to do something with these options :thinking:


Start again

  1. Type crontab -e
  2. Hold :arrow_down_small: key (move text cursor to the last)
  3. Copy this command from here 0 */12 * * * letsencrypt renew && service nginx-sp reload
  4. Press right click in SSH to paste
  5. CTRL+O and Enter key to save
  6. CTRl+X to exit
  7. Verify addition of CRON job, crontab -l


Finally, It should appear like this.

(CEO of www.viralbhabhi.com) #161

Yea… this time all steps went smoothly, is everything good now? :sweat_smile: