Migrate WordPress from Cloudways to Vultr with ServerPilot (In 1 hour)

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Gulshan, I really appreciate your guidance to make this WordPress and SLL setup go well. :heart:

I’m extremely fortunate to find a person like you :blush:

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are you fine, Pari?


Thank you for the kind words :pray:

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@Paritosh I got my $25 credits without blackmail! :sunglasses:


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Cuz you are a acha bacha :blush:

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Is gulshankumar.net also hosted on Vultr? If Yes, then which plan? :sweat_smile:


Vultr, 1 GB RAM. :slight_smile:

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I am missing the comfort zone :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I got an error after installing letsencrypt

Now what to do?

  1. Wait for proper DNS propagation
  2. Please see the steps from 45.

(Chandra The Warrior) #173

But I also can’t do restart command getting same error.

(Chandra The Warrior) #174

Delated <appname>.ssl.conf and restarted the server. @gulshankumar can I install the Letsencrypt again?


Only try this step if your domain is pointing to the Vultr IP address. Else, you should wait few minutes-hours.

(Chandra The Warrior) #176

Thanks, I will wait…

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How many websites/domains can I host in 1 server?

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I’m using two WordPress with good views on DO Bangalore 1GB RAM.

So for sure you can host two sites at least.


Depends on the Server size. I host 5+ at least.

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Vultr has a minor con,

It allows only 2 server instances of $2.5/mon per account! :slight_smile:

@gulshankumar What are your views on vestacp? Is it compatible with Vultr Servers?

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How to get a free custom email address? :thinking: :dizzy_face:


I am really afraid after hearing a recent incident. Sorry, I can’t recommend it.