Migrate Wordpress to Cloudways Using Migrator Plugin


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If I express my experience in one line, Cloudways is a one web hosting which I personally feel very reliable for a professional Blogger, Web designer, and Developer.

I have been a loyal customer for a long time.

Here’s the quick tutorial about how to migrate from existing host to Cloudways.

  1. Sign up at Cloudways

  2. Launch a new server

  3. Choose Application > WordPress, and fill up basic details

  4. Choose Server > Digital Ocean (Best choice)

  5. Server Size > 1 GB (Minimum)

  6. Select server location as per your target audience

  7. Launch Now :rocket:

    Your high-speed application will be ready in few minutes. Keep patience!

  8. Server Launched

  9. Click on launched Server > Copy the Master Login Credentials

    Public IP Address, Username and Password: You need this information in the next steps

  10. Navigate to Application

  11. Just Copy basic information: DB Name(Application folder name) and WordPress Application URL

    You need these information just in the next steps
    Hope everything is ready in your hand before I login to WordPress. Part 2, start from here.

  12. Now, Login to your WordPress

  13. Install & Activate Cloudways WordPress Migrator Plugin

  14. Go to Cloudways Migrate

  15. Fill up required details (All you can find at Cloudways Server & Application tab)

    Related steps: Step 9, 10, 11.

  16. Click on Migrate button to proceed WordPress Migration to Cloudways

  17. Now, you will be redirected to Cloudways partner, BlogVault page.

  18. Please keep patience while migration to Cloudways remains under progress.

  19. Next moment, you will see the Migration Completed successfully.

  20. Next, point your own domain at Cloudways Application. This process is easy, quick and efficient.

  21. Hope, you would be still logged in to Cloudways, navigate to “Application” tab > Domain management.

  22. After updating domain, you must click on Purge Varnish at Server > Manage Services. Otherwise changes will not reflect. Because Varnish comes pre-activated in Cloudways.

  23. Next, you need to update DNS records. DNS is like phonebook which helps connecting a domain to its Server IP address. This is one process which will make your site live on the Internet with Cloudways Server, as well as this steps is required to Install SSL if you want.

  24. Login to your Domain registrar, keep default namesevers, or if you are using any special DNS service provider nameservers like Cloudflare, awesome. You don’t need to change it.

  25. Access to DNS manager, update below two records as shown below.

A record ------>  @ ----------- IP Address
CNAME ---------> www ----------> example.com
  1. That’s all. Your site should be live in next few minutes.
    Feeling Curious? Go to https://dnschecker.org/ and keep eye on live status of DNS propagation.

Some tips as a Cloudways user

  • Cloudways provides great backup feature. You can use it from Server option.
  • Need any help? Open live chat, it is available for 24/7. There are many excellent support team like Mr Imran (He’s a real gem), Mr Sherjeel, Mr Arshlan, Mr Saad and many of them have been very supportive for me. I truly appreciate their kind support.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thanks & Regards,

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This guide will definitely help!!! Thanks @GulshanKumar

(Mustaasam Saleem) #4

An excellent, short and precised guide @GulshanKumar.

Keep up the excellent work bro :slight_smile:

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There are lots of editing I still need to do in this article. Some topics - I need to add like handling Varnish, SSL, etc.

(Mustaasam Saleem) #6

Sure bro!

Please feel free to ask if you need any assistance from my end. Would love to help you out :slight_smile:

(Kartik Goel) #7

Thanks for the dose…


CloudWays performance vs Vultr performance? :thinking:

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it’s the same thing. Cloudways is not a hosting company, it just let you manage the unmanaged servers from DO, Vultr, AWS, GCE etc.

You’ll get the same performance.

In other words, Cloudways is a visual editor, and Vultr is a CSS editor. Same result, but the latter’s process is slightly complicated.


I used the coupon code that you mentioned on your tweet, and I added $20 and still have not received $30 credit for free :confused:

(Ultra Noob) #12

While entering Coupon code, If there was Green checkmark (represents valid)
Then, please contact CW support team in this regard.


I think this happened because I used a :jp: Japan Credit Card to add funds to my CloudWays account.

Anyways, I have opened a support ticket.

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They manually added $30 funds :smiley:


(Saksham Kumar) #17

This is of Cloudways??


Yea, CloudWays.

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Thoughts on CloudWaysCDN? :thinking:

(Ultra Noob) #21

It’s overpriced and don’t have DC in India.

For me, Bunnycdn is best. Using their services since 14th Dec 2017 happily.

(Ultra Noob) #22

Yep. It’s not even part of IPL now :dizzy_face: