Migrating from Easy Affiliate Links to ThirstyAffiliates issue

Hi Friends,

I was using the Easy Affiliate Links for managing affiliate links, and now I moved to the ThirstyAffiliates.

I was using the Link Prefix recommends for Easy Affiliate Links and When I moved to the ThirstyAffiliates I am using the same prefix as recommends.

So, my question is that,

Do I need to update all the URLs having affiliate links or will it work fine since both will be the same link because of the same prefix?


No need to update anything, run broken link check once to confirm if anything is breaking or going well.

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Thanks for the quick response.

I asked this question because after migrating all the URL’s, I clicked the one affiliate link and it is redirecting properly.


The affiliate URL is not showing with recommends prefix, it is directly showing the big affiliate link which we got from the affiliate network.

I think that was caching issue, when I checked in Mozilla, it is showing properly.

Some URL’s still not showing prefix’s.

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You’re welcome!

I hope all is set now. BTW, have you tried other plugin such as Lasso? It seems having more features.

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I will check Lasso Plugin. Thanks for recommendation.

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