Migrating old posts to new domain


I am creating new site and I want to migrate some of the old posts from old site to new site. Will that create issue to new site on seo side as the content will be same?

Thank you.

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  1. Depends on domain reputation…
  2. This affect may be for 7-10 days.
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Thanks @GulshanKumar

My old domain is 2 years old DA 39 and PA 44 whereas new one just bought it 2 days ago and DA is 4 and PA is 6. The issue won’t be permanent right?

Maybe, unless if you migrate the whole site.

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Just about 40 posts or so. Thank you :slight_smile:

Give a try. All the best!

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I also transferred around 35 posts from my old blog (3 years old blog with 500 posts) to new one. My traffic dropped for 1 months then I redirect those posts to new domain from my old domain (as I read a post on Shoutmeloud site). Then I noticed another drop in my traffic. Now after another 6-7 months it reached its previous traffic level. So it was a permanent drop for my case. As I gained traffic due to newer posts.

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Your rank won’t go down for a long time if you redirect all the posts that you migrated to new url. By redirect I mean Permanent