Migration from vestacp


i am looking for alternatives for vestacp control panel. The devlopement is pretty slowed down after the last attack. Also ubuntu 18.04 compatability issues are there.

Somebody suggest me simple yet secured way to run the small 512mb lightsail server please.


Hello Wane,

As an alternative of VestaCP, you can look at RunCloud.

Since you have mentioned only 512MB RAM, best would be use LEMP stack.

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Right now i have ubuntu 18.04 with vestacp.

If i am making new installation ubuntu deleting current one, is there any way i keep backup files on same server. So i dont need to upload whole thing again?

Should i temporary add a disk on lightsail and move files later on? any suggestions please?

Please take first proper backup via UpdraftPlus or manually.

i have all backups, i am avoiding way to upload all this manually.
files around 1gb.

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Where are those backups file located?

On same server. Which i’ll be installing lemp stack with new ubuntu installation.

Should i buy extra storage temporarily, to make main files and then copy over.?

You can give a try …

Here is a useful guide

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Thanks @GulshanKumar & members I did the transfer.

Sometimes i get error establish error of wordpress, any reason also how do i upload new things via filezilla ? write permission error coming there?

  1. It seems related to Database error. If that is case, optimize DB or upgrade server.
  2. Regarding write permission, try below command.
chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/ && sudo chmod -R 755 /var/www
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  1. will do that.

2.i did that before, 755 permission to all files. I guess i needed to add particular username with permission for the folder.

sudo chown -R username: