Migration issue


After migrating my WordPress blog from old host to new host. I often see that sometimes there is an issue in the loading of my home page because it failed to load my site properly.
On the left side top of my home page I often see

  • [Skip to primary navigation]
  • [Skip to content]
  • [Skip to primary sidebar]

I am using Genesis theme
Any solution from @GulshanKumar, all other friends here?


Disable minification, clear cache and check again.


I am using W3 total cache,
So do I need to tick on “Disable minify for logged in users”?


Or do I need to untick enable -
HTML minify settings/ JS minify settings/ CSS minify settings


yes. Disable/untick them.


To disable minification

  • Login to WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to W3TC > General
  • Uncheck Minify CSS and JS option
  • Save changes

Please check and let’s know if still there is any issue.

If that happens again, consider checking Browser console (Press F12 key to open) once for detailed information of logs.


Now it is working perfectly.
Thanks you


You’re welcome! :slight_smile: