Migration WordPress Site from Hostgator to Digital Ocean

Hello Friends,
As there is a similar post in the forum but I am going to mention what I have done till now and I am going to need further help.

  1. Backup my SQL and WP Sites.
  2. Deploy a LAMP Stack (Created Production environment)
  3. Imported DB to PhpMyAdmin.
  4. Uploading backup WP files using Filezilla to /var/www/html/

I am new to the cloud hosting and I may have missed something. Now I am going to need help.
My domain is at NameSilo and I haven’t yet changed Nameserver to DigitalOcean since I don’t want my website to be down. Files are still being uploaded to DO so by now I can access my website using IP and it’s saying Database Error.
I am using Bunny CDN.
My question is that can I change my DNS from Namesilo after uploading my all files to /var/www/html?
Are there any other steps I have missed?

Thank you

Don’t understand why did you choose LAMP.

When you choose cloud then you should go with LEMP.
LAMP = Here A stand for Apache
LEMP = Here E stand for Nginx ( Which is much faster than Apache)

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I did but got stuck several times and I almost removed my droplets around 17 -20 times. This is Insane. Have been using DO since 3 days but today I finally deploy LAMP.

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Previously, which NS were you using?


The reason, any of these might be incorrect.

  • username
  • password
  • db name

I would suggest seeking professional support because they can do with zero downtime.

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Got result something like this
I haven’t change Nameserver yet to DO from Hostgator but
when I paste the DO IP in the browser, I was redirected to my site’s URL.
I think the setup is all correct now. Is it?
Now can I change my DNS?
Thank You.

Please provide following info, so I can check indepth.

  • IP address
  • Domain name
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I am again going to try to deploy LEMP Stack and I will let you know the problem brother.
Thank You.

You’re welcome!

Deployed LEMP Stack
Imported DB to PhpmyAdmin
Migrated my WordPress sites to var/www/html

Homepage and Dashboard is working but articles URL are showing 404 not found