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Monetizing an Indian traffic blog

Hello, I have a website which deals with Indian judiciary and provides the content to BALLB or you can say law students. I wanted to know which monetization path shall I take? I am running ezoic but that’ like $0.04 - $0.1 a day.

The traffic is about 900-1000 per day and targets Indian students (law). How can I monetize it? Which affiliate should work with the Indian student audience?

You can message me, I have a deal for you.

Only Adsense is best for this blog. Because it has Indian traffic. Try AdSense alone and compared it with ezoic. Ezoic is good for tier-1 and tier-2 traffic. Valueimpression requires 1 L+ traffic for monetizing.

To monetize Indian traffic to your blog, make your blog contains high quality and informative that attracts users’ attention soon. Use high-quality images and videos in your blog. Share your blog on local social media sites.

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hi there.

maybe you can use auto format ads to, on article