Monitor Your Website Uptime Free with Pingdom



Website availability is crucial to the business success.

When a site does not load in few seconds, we feel frustrated. Can you imagine for a moment about those visitors who even cannot access your site while downtime! Such moment can hurt credibility, revenue, reputation, site traffic as well as it can harm SEO.

It’s impossible to stare monitor 24/7 to see our website. This is why we should consider using “Uptime monitoring” tool called Pingdom for checking our website availability.

If you want to monitor your website uptime for free, you can use Pingdom tool.

  1. Sign up at Pingdom

  2. From Dashboard, click on Add Check

  3. Enter your website name in Name of check field.

  4. Check Interval - 1 Minute

  5. Enter your website URL

  6. Alerting Settings > Check Importance: High Importance

  7. When down, alert after: Drag to Instantly

  8. Check Alert when Backup

  9. Create Check.

Now Pingdom will start monitoring your website.

You will receive an email alert whenever your site will go down and come back.

Looking for an alternative? Try JetPack


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I’m using Pingdom since almost one year, and I can confirm it is one of the best tools for this task. Plus you get to see the response rate of the server!


I did not know anything about free uptime alert Pingdom server. Thanks for giving me the info.


Thanks for this tool. I will start using it!


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:


Thanks for this…


Thanks everyone for the response. I had really no idea, this content may get appreciated. :slight_smile:


Pingdom will stop providing its free plan very soon.

Looking for an alternative services? Try JetPack plugin’s Downtime Monitoring. It’s free.


Word of caution: Please take backup before activating JetPack. My all custom CSS lost just after enabling this plugin. Thanks, I had backup.


They showed real colors when they found a lot of users. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: